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Welcome to damaru, we are a small scale manufacturer of cases and bags designed for eurorack modular.

I wanted to design and offer affordable case and carry solutions.  Offering the highest quality cases and bags for afforable prices.






about me.

I’m a maker with 20 year’s experience creating hand made products and developing ideas into beautiful, practical objects. I create stylish and practical bags and eurorack cases with the highest quality hand-craftsmanship.

Why modular synths?

My passion is modular synths. After building a eurorack set up I wanted to take it out of the house for a jam. Very quickly I realised there was a complete lack of cases in a style I liked, with the build quality I expect, for a price that seemed reasonable.


And then of course – how to transport it once I have the right case? I wanted a bag that looks good enough to use everyday, with or without my gear in it, and that is strong enough to keep my gear safe.  Again I came up blank.

Bringing the quality and beauty of bespoke craftsmanship to projects where an everyday problem needs to be solved, is what i love.  This is how Damaru Cases was born.


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