custom cases.

The fine folks over at elevator sound hold stock of most common cases in black.  But if you want a different option we'd be happy to make one up for you. 


As customers want more control over their gear, there is more demand for cases made to their measurements.  Super slim or deeper lids for stackable cables, taking you to higher U heights and crazy odd HP sizes, we can make a case to your specifications, want a 74hp 11u case, no problem, 118 hp 8u, no worries.   

We offer both Pulp Logic and Intelligel 1u dimesnions, giving the customer the control in specific 1u placement and style.

You should be able to order most common hp sizes, if you still feel you need something a little different, just drop us a line and we can cost up a case for you.  Contact Us at the bottom of the page, just add what you  want and we will contact you with a custom quote.

Lead Time

Custom cases have a lead time of 3-4 weeks although we generaly like to to get them out sooner.  This allows us to order any out of stock items or materials.  

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